Core Activities

Core Activities of the Plant Up-to-Date

SE "AVIAKON" - devotion to aviation traditions and constant aspiration for perfection.
  • overhaul and refurbishment, re-equipment of Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26, Mi-2 helicopters of all modifications
  • overhaul of components of airframe, instruments, special and radio-electronic equipment
  • fitting of up-to-date avionics equipment onto the helicopters flying on international routes
  • investigation of helicopters technical status on their operation site
  • overhaul and on-condition repair of Mi-17, Mi-35 helicopters and their modifications by field teams on the helicopter operation site
  • TBO extension
  • corrosion-preventive treatment of aircraft and helicopter air frame, painting of aircraft with polyurethane enamels of “Du Pont” company
  • manufacturing of high and low pressure hoses for helicopters Mi-24/35, Mi-8/17, Mi-26, Mi-2 of all modifications
  • manufacturing of rubber items for overhaul of helicopter airframe and components
  • training and advanced training of the Customers’ specialists