Completion of the Contract for overhaul and refurbishment of Mi-17 helicopters of Mexican Air Forces and Army.


Within the shortest period of time, during 8 months, the specialists of SE “AVIAKON” mobile team completed refurbishment of 5 Mi-17 helicopters.

The high professional level of the mobile team members, as well as the significant technical capabilities of the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant allowed to complete such an extensive scope of works within the shortest period possible.

The specialists of the enterprise mobile team and the engineering and technical personnel of SE “AVIAKON” not only ensured a high quality of the performed repair works, but also directly participated in the preparation of technical equipment and tooling design documentation.

During the acceptance of the overhauled Mi-17 helicopters, General C.Castaneda, as the representative of the Mexican Defense Department technical commission expressed his high appraisal of the activity carried out by the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant and its specialists.

Aleksey Branashko, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Mexico, Andrey Nemirovich,  the Senior Deputy Director of SE «SPETSTECHNOEXPORT» and Aleksey Yenin,  the Director of SE «АVIAKON»  participated in the ceremony of delivery of the refurbished helicopters to the Air Forces of the Ministry of National Defense of Mexico. All the representatives expressed their deep satisfaction with work completed and the confidence in far-going fruitful co-operation between Ukraine and Mexico.