State Enterprise “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant “AVIAKON” Mastered Overhaul of Mi-14 Type Helicopter


Mi-14PL (Rus.: Ми — 14ПЛ) is a shore-basedmulti-purpose amphibious anti-submarine helicopter.

UptotherecenttimesoverhaulandextensionoflifelimitsofMi-14PLhelicoptersoftheNavalAviation oftheArmedForcesofUkrainewasperformedbytheStateEnterprise “SevastopolAircraftPlant”.

Under the current military and political situation, there appeared a need in the development of overhaul of Mi-14PL type helicopters of the Naval Aviation of Ukraine in order to ensure airworthiness and reconditioning of this helicopter types at the facilities of the State Enterprise “AVIAKON”, according to the Resolution of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Having inspected the technical status, SE “AVIAKON” performed refurbishment of the Mi-14PL Helicopter.

It is worth mentioning, that this helicopter has not been airlifted since 1993.

On December 26, 2016, after the overhaul, the Mi-14PL Helicopter passed test flights and was assigned new TBO.

Refurbishment of the first Mi-14PL Helicopter was performed at the expense of internal funds of SE “AVIAKON”.

The engineering and working staff of the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant, jointly with the representatives of the engineering staff of the operating military unit, headed by the Acting Director of the SE “AVIAKON” Mr.Igor Marchenko, performed that super complex task within the shortest possible terms.

On March 16, 2017, the crew of the operating military unit, under the leadership of the captain pilot lieutenant-colonel I.M. Oleinikov, performed a ferry flight of the refurbished Mi-14PL to the permanent location base.

Today, the Mi-14PL refurbished at SE “AVIAKON” already started performing its duties on protection of maritime boundary of Independent Ukraine.