Record-breaking flight of Mi-8MTV helicopter


   On May 19th, 2010, at the premises of the State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant “AVIAKON”, based on the Flight Test Program for Mi-8MTV (Rus.: Ми-8МТВ) helicopters with the Ukrainian design engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V (Rus.: ТВЗ-117ВМА-СБМ1В) the helicopter test flight was performed targeted at determining of the helicopter service ceiling.     
    The flight was preceded by a complex of preparatory procedures for high-altitude flight. During preparation of Mi-8MTV helicopter, the maintenance and regulatory technological documentation dedicated to the specific features of Mi-8MTV helicopter operation with the engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V was developed at the SE “AVIAKON” and the following works were performed:
- mounting of TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines with fitting of optional equipment for measuring of engines parameters and monitoring of helicopter stability, controllability, maneuverability, speed and other piloting characteristics;
- training of the flight and ground crews on specific features of piloting Mi-8MTV helicopter with engines ТV3-117VMA-SBM1V;    
- testing of Mi-8MTV helicopter furnished with engines TV3-117VMA-SBM1V,  standard main rotor system and transmission components, as per the 20-hour flight testing program. The engines during the testing were set up for the take-off power of 2000 shp.;
- technical justification on functioning of helicopter fuel and hydraulic system under high altitude conditions  and checking of trouble-free operation of fuel and hydraulic systems;
- technical justification and evaluation on providing oxygen to the crew members during the high-altitude flight;
- development of a circuit for additional oxygen supply to the crew members during the high-altitude flight and mounting of additional oxygen equipment onto helicopter;
- furnishing of helicopters with parachute systems, ensuring the crew members  emergency escape at the altitudes above 4000 m, as well as in case of helicopter main oxygen system failure.
   During the flight on May 19th, 2010, helicopter having TOW-8409 kg reached the altitude of 8100 m during 14 minutes 09 seconds. The results achieved during the flight testing make it possible to draw the  conclusion that fitting of TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines allows to extend the range of Mi-8MT (Mi-8MTV) helicopter operational performances, especially under  high altitude areas and high ambient air temperatures, which will have a positive effect on the enhanced efficiency  of Mi-series helicopters application.