Mi-24P helicopter was triumphantly rolled out


On the eve of 77-anniversary of SE “AVIAKON”, a prominent step was made, on which the future of helicopter aviation will depend in many respects. In August 28th, 2008 Mi-24P helicopter fitted with Ukrainian aviation engines ТV3-117VMA-SBM1V was triumphantly rolled out. The said engine was developed by the leader of the Ukrainian Machinebuilding Association – “Motor Sich” JSC, Zaporozhye. High-ranking guests – Serhiy Ivanovich Shankin, the designer of the first Ukrainian helicopter engine – Chief Designer, Pavel Alekseevich Dotsenko, Chief Engineer of Army Aviation Administration, Vasiliy Ivanovich Pavluk, Director General of Concern “Aviavoenremont” were present at the ceremony, devoted to this event. They all congratulated the personnel of the enterprise with the achievement in the sphere of modernization of the existing helicopter fleet and expressed their unconditional confidence in the future of SE “AVIAKON”, which is ready to reach new levels even in the nearest prospects.